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Total Management System
We have successfully instituted a system that consistently manages the processes from design up to can-making plate working, machining, painting, assembly, electric wiring, finishing and maintenance.
In order to provide high-quality products that meet with customer satisfaction more quickly and more exactly, we are modernizing machining equipment, automating our management systems and incessantly improving our technology. We will further refine our technology in the future, apply it to the manufacture of high-quality products and, at the same time, make efforts to deliver a comprehensive range of services.

Production Operation Process

Total management from the acceptance of orders to maintenance enables us to improve productivity, promote work efficiency and deliver excellent cost-performance. In order to ensure proper respond to diverse needs, we accept individual orders for specific processes.
Acceptance of Orders
Laser Processing

Research and development of original products

At the start of a new development, we obtain accreditation as a "Research and Development Business Project based on the Kyoto Prefectural Medium and Small-sized Enterprise Support Ordinance." We are making efforts in research and development that leads to new attractive products, by taking full advantages of our imagination and creative ability.
We will always keep our eyes on the future and will continue to make challenges.

Mitsuwa Supersonic Welder

Kyoto-Yamashiro Model
Mitsuwa Supersonic Welder

How should we recycle a limited amount of natural resources effectively in ways friendly to people and environments? That is a very important and urgent task for us who manufacture products. In 2001, our company opened a plant that assembles equipment for recycling vinyl and other materials, and developed various recycling equipment such as a machine that uses no heat in the course of manufacturing. It processes waste materials generated in the manufacturing line into chips for reuse as new resources. Such a small step is leading to a broad future. We start with what we can do for people, life and environment.

KT Recycler


Patent acquired (Patent No.3670237)

We were awarded
the "2004 Excellent Technology Prize for Kyoto Medium and Small-seized Enterprises"

This machine pelletizes waste without heating by trimming loss produced when making sheet. These unheated pellets increase the recycling rate compared to heated recycled products. (About 25% increase in our company) For more information

An example of molded pellets
An example of molded pellets