Introduction of Technology

The 21st century began with diverse expectations. It was the dawn of a remarkable revolutionary age in which speediness and computerization progress more and more. However, what remains unchanged, even though methodologies have changed, is "manufacturing that builds ties among people." We think the significance of making something by hand is the very starting point of everything, and we must keep that up forever. At the same time, we also think a flexible sensibility and an attitude that is unafraid of renovation are also important factors for better manufacturing. The simultaneous pursuit of these concepts is our creed and we think it is the best way to deliver technology and quality that are friendly to people, life and the environment.

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  • Disposal costs due to production loss can be reduced.
  • Raw material cost can be reduced by returning waste to the production line.
  • The initial cost is inexpensive. (About half compared to conventional machines)
  • Energy-saving (1/15 compared to conventional technology)
  • Miniaturization of the machine has been realized.
  • Since the machine can be kept at normal temperature, it is better for the surrounding environment.
  • The machine is compatible with both inline and offline systems.
  • We customize each machine to user needs.

Advantages of heatless pelletizing process

  • No disposal is needed as waste pieces be returned to recycling processes.
    ⇒ Waste disposal cost due to trimming loss and raw material cost can be reduced!!
  • Since the product is not outsourced, there is no risk of information leaks.
  • Processing in an inline system minimizes contamination.
  • Since the volume of machine can be reduced, it can be sold at high price.
  • Since no thermal history is recorded, recycling rate is high.

Processing capacity

  • Large-size recycler, standard type: 25 ~ 30 kg/hr
    Small-size recycler, standard type: 15 ~ 20 kg/hr
    * The processing capacity varies according to the thickness and width of waste pieces.
  • Take-off speed: 0 ~ 120 m/min.
    * The speed is decided after consultation with the customer.

Example of use

  • Processing of waste due to loss incurred at the time of film formation by inflation molding machine
  • Processing of waste due to loss incurred at the time of film formation by T-slot die unit
  • If production loss arises in inflation molding of narrow tubular products
  • For slitter units, etc.
Example of use in inline system Example of use in offline system

Before introduction

  • It may be necessary to modify the hopper in some cases.
  • If the work does not adhere because heat is not used, it may be impossible to use the machine.
  • Samples can be cut. Contact us.
  • If anything is unclear, please contact us.